Licensed and Insured

We're an owner-operated licensed and insured business specializing in litter cleanup at commercial properties.

We offer a more cost effective daily approach to year round litter cleanup. We can clean up litter from you entire grounds (parking lot, sidewalk, and landscape) daily for a month for the cost of ONE power sweeping.

Our service is performed during the appropriate time of day to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction. WE USE SPECIAL TOOLS THAT ALLOW US TO CLEAN UP MORE LITTER AT LESS COST TO OUR CUSTOMERS!

The appearance of your property projects an image. Clean, litter free grounds helps you attract tenants and keep them happy. It also conveys positive thoughts about your company in the community.

Call now for your FREE estimate. You'll find us ready, willing, and able to help!

Our parent company, Patriot Lawn Care, can also take care of your lawn and landscaping needs if you are in need of that particular type of service.

WIN the Litter Battle             .... and SAVE MONEY

Jason Sturgill - Owner & Operator

A cost-effective daily approach to year round litter cleanup

Patriot Parking lot & grounds cleanup

A Service-Connected Disabled-Veteran Owned and Operated Company